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NGTL System Annual Firm Transportation Delivery Service (FT-D)

Daily Open Season

Updated on August 18, 2017

NGTL continues to market available FT-D capacity through this Daily Open Season for annual service, which is defined as a minimum of 12 months, plus any partial month. The daily open seasons will continue until further notice

Bids are due each Banking Day (excluding US and Canadian statutory holidays) before 10:00 am Mountain Time (MT)

Capacity Available

NGTL is offering available FT-D capacity up to the amounts shown in the tables below


Posted Border Point

 Volume in GJ/d

 FT-D Service starting on or after:

 August 1, 2017

September 1, 2017

October 1, 2017

November 1, 2017

 Empress or McNeill Border( s )

Up to 17,700

 Up to 240,528

 Up to 240,528

 Up to 240,528






 Alberta-BC Border






Starting on or after September


ATCO-Alliance Clairmont Interconnect

Up to 23,000

ATCO-Alliance Edson Interconnect

Up to 63,000

ATCO-Alliance Shell Creek Interconnect

Up to 85,000

For mid-month FT-D capacity, please contact Ashley Stowkowy or Kyle Mathewson - Contact Information below.

·         Daily Open seasons for FT-D and STFT close each day at 10am MT.

·         Requests for FT-D have priority over STFT.

·         Minimum term for FT-D is 12 months (one year).

·         Multiple bids by entities or their affiliates cannot exceed the capacity posted.

·         Bids for different volumes and/or borders must be on separate bid forms.

Financial Assurance Requirements

Successful bidders will be required to provide financial assurances as required by TransCanada. For financial assurance information please refer to paragraph 10.1 of General Terms and Conditions of the NGTL Tariff.

Bidding and Allocation Procedure

As outlined in Appendix A to the NGTL tariff, titled "Terms and Conditions Respecting Access to Transportation Service at Export Border Points" all parties wishing to bid for this available service can do so by completing the FT-D Daily Open Season Bid Form (page 24 of Appendix A).

A completed and executed Daily Open Season bid form should be sent by email with the executed bid form to ab_ft_openseason@transcanada.com prior to the deadline shown above. Alternatively customers may send a fax to NGTL FT-D Open Season 1.403.920.2341.

Evaluation of Bids

Bids will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

1.     By length of contract term, (minimum of 12 months).

2.     Commencement of service date. 

3.     If oversubscribed, tied bids will be allocated on a prorated basis.

After the open season closes, we will be notify customers as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact:


Ashley Stowkowy
Email: ashley_stowkowy@transcanada.com