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Joliet XPress Project Open Season

In response to interest from potential shippers, TransCanada Pipelines Limited and ANR Pipeline Company are pleased to announce a joint open season for their Joliet XPress Project. The Project proposes to provide firm transportation service with receipts at Empress, Alberta on the TCPL Mainline and deliveries to Joliet Hub and St. Clair on ANR's system. For full details of the open season and bid forms please see Joliet XPress Project.

Open Season Questions:

Calgary - TCPL

Gordon Betts
Phone: 1.403.920.6834
Email: gordon_betts@transcanada.com

Houston - ANR

Jim Downs
Phone: 1.832.320.5656
Email: jim_downs@transcanada.com


Creditwothiness Inquiries:

Calgary - TCPL

Scott MacLock
Phone: 1.403.920.2685
Email: scott_maclock@transcanada.com

Houston - ANR

Rita Homan
Phone: 1.832.320.5449
Email: rita_homan@transcanada.com