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T2018-04 NGTL FT-D1 to FT-D2 Delivery Service Attributes
T2017-03 NGTL Delivery Service Attributes
T2015-01 Amended Sub-Issue 2.1 – NGTL Delivery Service Attributes
T2017-02 Revenue Requirement Settlement Discussions
T2015-01 Amended Sub-Issue 2.1 - NGTL Delivery Service Attributes
T2015-01 Amended Sub-Issue 2.1 - NGTL Delivery Services Attributes
T2015-02 2016 -2017 Revenue Requirement Settlement
T2015-01 Sub-Issue 2.1 - NGTL Delivery Service Attributes
T2014-01 2015 Revenue Requirement Settlement
T2012-01 2013+ Revenue Requirement Settlement
T2011-04 Empress Receipts
T2011-02 FT-P Utilization
T2010-02 AGA Tariff Clean Up
T2009-05 2010-2012 Revenue Requirement Settlement
T2009-02 Measurement Canada Bulletin G-14 Tariff Amendments
T2009-01 TTFP Procedures Review
T2008-03 STFT Bid Revisions
T2008-02 Supply / Demand Balancing
T2007-05 Open Season Bid Deposits
T2007-04 CO2 Service Review
T2007-03 STFT Bid Process Simplification
T2007-02 FT-P Demand Commodity Alignment
T2006-06 New Industry Calendar
T2006-04 CO2 Service Fees
T2006-03 FT-D Contract Transfers
T2006-02 Fuel Gas Optimization & Possible Incentive Program
T2005-09 Tariff Clean Up
T2005-07 Order of Allocation of Gas for Billing Purposes
T2005-06 FT-D Open Season Bid Deadline
T2005-04 Seasonal Service Attributes Review
T2005-03 PT Service Review
T2005-02 ERC Procedure Modification
T2004-07 Border Queue Review Process

FT-RN Service Modification


NGL Extraction Convention

T2003-10 Alternate Access Review
T2003-07(T) Winter Firm Transportation - Export Delivery (FT-DW)
Service Tariff Amendments
T2004-06 FT-RN Service Modification
T2004-05 TTFP Procedures Review

CO2 Management Service Price Review

T2003-07 Winter Firm Transportation - Export Delivery
T2004-02 Credit Requirement Review
BPC02-02 Title Transfers
T2000-01(e)(T) Ending Usage Credits Tariff Amendments
T2003-11 Gas Balancing Agreement II
T2003-12 IT-D Restriction Procedures
T2001-02 Receipt Point Estimate to Actual Variance Settlement

Storage Transportation Service


Pressure Temperature Service

T2002-01 TTP and FLC Procedures Review
T2002-4(T) Blanket IT-R Service Tariff Amendments
T2000-16 Gas Delivery Quality
T2003-04 Supply/Demand Balancing Tariff Amendments
T2003-05 Storage Accountability
T2002-04 Blanket IT-R Service
T2003-03 Gas Balancing Agreement
T2003-01 Connection of Storage Facilities Procedure
T2000-01(g) BPC IT-R Service Allowable Allocation Methodology
T2000-01(h) Business Process Change: Prior Period Adjustments
T98-02(d) Supply/Demand Pilot Procedure Modifications
T2000-11(a) CO2 Management Service
T2002-02 Point to Point Service Extension
T2000-07(a) Tariff Update - Contract Versioning
T98-02(c) Supply Demand Approved
Threshold Level for Sale of Assets
T98-02(b) Supply/Demand Balancing Pilot Procedure Modifications
T2000-01(f) Business Process Change: Nominations at Connecting
Pipeline Operator Locations
T2000-01(d) Business Process Change: Interest Rate Calculations
T2000-01(e) Business Process Change: Ending Usage Credits
T2000-01(c) Business Process Change: Industry Reporting Calendar
T2001- 01 Emergency Response Compensation
T2000-01(b) Business Process Change: Flow Orders
T98-02(a) Supply/Demand Balancing Pilot Procedure Modifications
T2000-14(a) Alternate Access Pilot Extension