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The TransCanada logo is a registered trademark.

Approval to use TransCanada's logo must be granted by a TransCanada representative.

If you arrived at this page without previous approval from a TransCanada representative to use the TransCanada logo, please contact us by e-mail at communications@transcanada, by phone at 403.920.7859 or toll free at 1.800.608.7859.

Click on the file to download and save the logo files required. Note that you may not be able to open the files if you do not have the appropriate software. Your graphics partner should be able to work with any of the files.



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Black and white

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Logo Usage Areement

The logo is our unique corporate signature and symbolizes TransCanada’s longstanding reputation for excellence and leadership.

The symbol comprises two halves that enclose an implied circle, representing the coming together of our people and physical resources to meet the needs of stakeholders. The two halves also pay homage to our two original energy service companies - NOVA and TransCanada.

The elements of our signature should always remain in fixed proportion. Never alter the signature or the relationship of the elements in any way. For detailed information on how to use the logo see our Logo Usage Guidelines below. If you have any questions about the use of our logo please contact us. We will be more than happy to answer them.

The TransCanada logo is a registered trademark. Approval to use the TransCanada logo must be granted by a TransCanada representative. For approval, please contact us by email at communications@transcanada.com by phone at 1.403.920.7859 or Toll-free at 1.800.608.7859.

Logo Usage Guidelines

The preferred logo application of TransCanada's logo is full colour on a white background.

  • The colour logo must appear on a white background.
  • The colour logo should not be reproduced in black and white.
  • One colour reproduction is allowed only in PMS Blue 287.
  • The logo can appear in black on a light background.
  • The logo can appear in reverse white on a solid, dark background.
  • Please avoid placing the logo on a patterned background.
  • Any modifications to the logo are prohibited.

Protective Space

  • To ensure the greatest visual impact, leave as much clear space as possible around the logo.
  • At minimum, leave an area of clear space equal to the letter "T" in the word "TransCanada".
  • No other text or graphic elements should appear in this space.

TC Logo - Minimum clear space

Minimum Size
  • Do not reproduce the logo in a format smaller than 1/4 inches in print, or less than 40 pixels.
  • Please note: Pixel measurements and values must be in whole numbers. The minimum size for the logo is 145 x 79 pixels including clear space.

TC Logo - Minimum height

  • Do not use the tagline "In business to deliver" if it is too small to read clearly or if the visual presentation of the logo would be stronger without the tagline. In this instance, an alternate version of the logo without the tagline is available. Please email communications@transcanada.com or call 1.403.920.7859 (Toll-free 1.800.608.7859) for assistance.


  • Black - 100 per cent Black
  • Blue - Pantone 287
  • Green - Pantone 355
  • Pantone breakdown to process colour



C - 100 per cent
M - 68 per cent
Y - 0 per cent
K - 12 per cent

C - 100 per cent
M - 0 per cent
Y - 180 per cent
K - 0 per cent

Logo Usage Agreement

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