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ATCO Integration Initiative

Customer Notification:

What You Need to Do:

Shipper Updates:

Receipt and Delivery Stations and Areas

Below is a listing of  ATCO receipt stations and their respective project areas, and a listing of ATCO delivery stations and their respective design areas.  Please contact your Customer Account Manager if you have any questions or concerns.


Footprint (Illustrative):

Proposed Rates:

The Final Rates as filed with the NEB include ATCO facilities and is called: 

These rates are effective August 1, 2011. 

You can also access individual receipt and delivery stations lists by selecting the


Contact Information:

Scott Yule
Phone: (403) 920-5558
Email: scott_yule@transcanada.com

Dan Ronsky
Phone: (403) 920-5581
Email: dan_ronsky@transcanada.com

Debbie Deschamps
Phone: (403) 920-5547
Email: debbie_deschamps@transcanada.com

John Woo
Phone: (403) 920-5801
Email: john_woo@transcanada.com