CNS Microwave

At CNS Microwave — an entity controlled by TransCanada — we invest in and manage more than 75 wireless towers in our operating area of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. Since our start in 1996, it has been our vision to provide rapid U.S. wireless collocation and quality build-to-suit towers tailored to long-term customer needs, with a focus on strong site integrity and safety.

Headquartered in Charleston, West Virginia, we have master level agreements with all major U.S. wireless carriers and serve the commercial mobile market, as well as many federal, state and local government agencies. Through our affiliates, we can offer  additional towers and land locations to meet our customers' needs.

We actively seek to expand our network of contractors to those seeking long-term ethical, economic, appropriate technology  business dealings; refer to TransCanada's Contractor, Supplier and Vendor Registration form.

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