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Russ Girling, 2014 CSR Report

Russ Girling, President and CEO, TransCanada

Through every moment and for every North American, energy touches our lives in countless ways. It heats our homes while we sleep, powers our businesses to move the economy and fuels our transportation, all with increasing achievements in efficiency and conservation.

Recently, the growing global demand for energy has also generated discussion around how we access the important resources we rely upon. As a leading energy infrastructure company, TransCanada is taking a proactive, open and collaborative approach to the dialogue, understanding that this complex issue requires balanced consideration of safety, society, the environment and economics.

For more than 60 years, we have considered every business decision in terms of our ability to achieve top performance in all of these areas. The result is an unwavering commitment to operating sustainably and delivering on the commitments we make to our stakeholders.

Ultimately, we look at Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) not as a facet of our business, but as a reflection of the way we conduct our business and an expression of our core values of integrity, responsibility, collaboration and innovation.

I invite you to read our CSR Report and welcome your comments at csr@transcanada.com.

Russ Girling
President and CEO, TransCanada

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What matters to you, matters to us.

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